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Alien spacecraft is hovering above the m

SedonaUf   Tour

Join us for one of Sedona's most popular experiences...the Original UFO & Stargazing Tour!  On this 1 hour 45 minute tour you will be provided with the newest & upgraded, 3rd-generation military night vision goggles (and more) to witness for yourself this phenomenon.  With the latest in military technologies you will be able to see with your own eyes UFO's hovering, powering up, taking off, and landing on nearby mountain mesas. 

Your experience should be memorable. We have some of the very best and experienced tour guides for this reason.  Our guides are fun and educated on the UFO phenomenon and come with many years of  tour experience.  They bring a fun and educational atmosphere to the tours that leave you wanting more! The people who have taken our tour have stated that we really opened their eyes up to a whole new way of seeing the world and they will never be the same again. Come and find out what so many people are talking about!

Our tours are specialized and are truly unique to any other tour in Sedona. We provide THREE "Secret Experiences" during our tour that is exclusive to Sedona UFO Tours LLC! Plus, every traveler receives a Free Gift!

Over 5,000 TOURS and counting!

We are licensed and registered in the State of Arizona and the City of Sedona to operate these tours.

Adult Tour Tickets (Ages 11 +)

Child Tour Tickets (Ages 6-10) 

Seasonal & Special Rates Apply

Click "BOOK NOW" Button to see current pricing

All UFO tours are 90-minutes in length and begin after sundown.  Military Night Vision Goggles are provided 1 for every (2) adults.  Kids 6-10 share goggles with a parent while the parent holds the equipment(under direct supervision)and are not provided with pointers.


  We can accommodate up to 20 travelers per tour.

COVID-19: All equipment is sterilized in between traveler use and travelers are asked to use hand sanitizer before handling the equipment.


You will need your own vehicle as you will follow our guide to our amazing viewing location.  Please keep in mind that there are no restrooms located at the viewing site. Please wear closed toe shoes. Since sunset times vary due to season,

Tour times may vary and may be changed due to the change of current sunset times.

WEATHER: PLEASE READ THE WEATHER POLICY BEFORE BOOKING. Please dress warmly during winter months as it does get cold at night in Sedona. Jackets, hats, gloves, and scarves are recommended. On especially cold evenings, we use propane heaters for our guest's comfort.


Our company operates ethically within all bounds of local, state, and federal laws.  We have a current business license and TPT license. We do our best to ensure that every guest has a fun and memorable experience by offering a wealth of knowledge on the subject of "UFOology".  Sights and anomalies that are seen in the night sky above Sedona that are documented by our guides to be "UNIDENTIFIED" are NOT satellites, airplanes, drones, or helicopters. We use state-of-the-art satellite tracking software to know exactly at any given point what satellites are actually passing overhead.  Should there be a question regarding this please contact us at 833-733-8367.  

Every night's experience is DIFFERENT. We cannot guarantee the motions of, flight patterns of, or how UFO's may or may not appear in the night sky. 

We reserve the right to cancel anyone's tour at any time and refuse future services. In an effort to keep everyone's tour fun and entertaining we ask that individuals refrain from smoking, consuming alcohol during the tour, or using any form of flash photography, or use of cell phones. Video of the tour as well as recordings are strictly prohibited while on tour to ensure the privacy of all of our guests. 

Single Travelers:

Single travelers are grouped with already existing tours. Our booking minimum is for 2 people as we calculate this by the number of goggles we provide on tour which is a standard of 1 goggle per two adults.  Single traveler rates are $270 as booking minimums are set for 2 people.  

Our all-new Tour Center, Gift Shop, & Cafe is NOW OPEN!

Blue Vortex  - Elements of this Image Fu

Enjoy 2 fun-filled hours exploring some of Sedona's most mystical and spiritual sites. Your guide will explain the meaning of vortices, teach you the difference between feminine and masculine vortexes, show you a couple of peaceful & powerful vortex areas in the region, teach you about your personal vortices (chakras) and how to enhance their affect on your body, all of these things will give you a blue print of how energy and frequency work between you and nature. Starting with a place of true peace and energy, you will be guided through these intense energy areas,  and receive a personalized Chakra reading!  We have helped many to understand the powerful energy of these places with thoughtful consideration to everyone's background and spiritual level. THIS IS A MUST SEE! Join thousands of others; now believers in the pull of Sedona. Guests will receive a crystal at the end of the tour to commemorate your visit with us. 

  Experiences should be peaceful, quaint, and meaningful.  We limit the number of participants to 4 per tour time to provide you with just that...An experience you won't forget!


Adult Tour Tickets (14 +)

Group of 2-3 Seasonal & Special Rates Vary

Group of 4-8 Seasonal & Special Rates Vary

Child Tour Tickets (13+) 


All Vortex tours are  2 hours in length; several time slots are available. You may need your own vehicle as you will follow our guide to the locations.

Water will be provided. Restrooms are available at some locations. **PLEASE WEAR CLOSED TOE SHOES.

This tour is considered EASY for most and consists of walking up some slight inclines with uneven ground, dirt, and rocks. If a traveler has medical ailments, needs any type of medical equipment such as wheelchair, walker, cane or otherwise please contact us.

This tour operates rain or shine with some exceptions. If weather such as snow or lightening does not permit the tour to operate, travelers will be provided reschedule date/time or the use of their tour for up to 5 years in the future.


Single Travelers:

In an effort to keep tour costs low for each traveler, it is recommended that a single traveler be grouped with another tour already scheduled. If a single traveler would like to do a Vortex tour and another group is not booked, we offer the Spiritual Empowerment Energy Vortex Tour which can be booked privately for 1 traveler. 

Your guide is a talented musician and meditation specialist. His guided meditations and his new-release album "Peace Pipe" is available by clicking the button below to go to our website

Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona in the

Spiritual Empowerment Energy Vortex Tour

Look deep within with our 2.5  hour Spiritual Empowerment Reiki Energy Vortex Tour. This tour is designed for intermediate to advanced individuals searching for the ability to be present. Learn about how Reiki energy works throughout the body and with nature. You will visit amazing and powerful locations both male and female energies. Your guide, Frank will provide you with a deep understanding of energy and frequency and how to tackle issues of the past and present. This tour encompasses some very deep concepts to help you on your spiritual journey.

This experience is perfect for couples seeking to reconnect, individuals wanting more meaningful understanding of themselves, and even people looking to understand others better. This experience has helped people to relate more with others and even co-workers.


Experiences should be peaceful, quaint, and meaningful.  We limit the number of participants to provide you with just that...An experience you won't forget!

Adult Tour Tickets (18 +)

Single Traveler: PLEASE CALL

 2-4 adults Seasonal & Special Prices Vary


This tour is 2.5 hours in length.  Please be advised that some locations do not have restroom facilities. During winter months, please prepare for cold weather.

Your guide is a talented musician and meditation specialist. His guided meditations and his new-release album "Peace Pipe" is available by clicking the button below to go to our website

sedona star tours.jpg

SedonaStar Tours

Relax with 1.5 hours of exploring the vast and wonderous skies in Sedona's dark sky community.  Utilizing all-new computer guided telescope technology and military night vision goggles, you get the best of all worlds! 

See millions of stars, numerous constellations, visible galaxies,  & meteor showers.  View the rings of Saturn (seasonal dates may vary)  and other celestial anomalies.

Guests will have the use of our telescope & military night vision goggles.

Note: Travelers will need their own vehicle as you will follow your tour guide to the viewing location.

Tours leave promptly at the tour time so please check-in 5-15 minutes prior to tour time. 

This tour is seasonal and may not be available certain times of year. 

Ticket Prices will vary seasonally so please check our calendar for availability and pricing.


Please call us to check availability and pricing. Single travelers wishing to go on tour when there are no other groups scheduled will pay a higher rate than going out with an existing group as we have to bring out a tour guide for one person.  

people with wine glasses.jpg

SedonaSunset Wine
& Sky Tour

Relax in a peaceful vineyard setting  for 2 hours with choice selections of local vineyard wines while you witness the gorgeous & ever-changing colors of the Sedona Sunset. Must be 21 years of older to participate in this tour.

As the skies seep into twilight, experience the dark-sky community phenomenon of stargazing through our computer-guided telescope and night vision goggles. Witness meteor showers, the Milky Way as never seen before, the seasonally-showcased Andromeda Spiral Galaxy, millions of stars, and of course the anomalies seen in the skies nightly. This 2-Hour tour is all inclusive and includes tastings of meticulously-curated wine from prominent local vineyards & wineries. Relax in zero-gravity chairs and feel the peace of the 365 degree views offered on this tour. Your guides will educate you on the local wines, the history of the vineyards, and provide you with contact information to each.

**This tour may operate at several local vineyards, please call for availability and the list of dates for each winery. Each tour night will be located at (1) one winery, this tour does not take you to multiple sites. Each guest will be provided tastings in compliance with AZ liquor laws and for safety when driving. 

Note: Travelers will need their own vehicle as you will meet your guide and tour group at the designated vineyard. 

Tours start promptly at the tour time so please check-in 15 minutes prior to tour time. 

Adult Tour Tickets (21 +)

This tour requires 4 or more people to operate

  Seasonal & Special Prices Vary


This tour will be operated seasonally.



This tour is 2 hours in length. You will need your own vehicle as you will meet your guides at the winery. During winter months this tour may not be  operating.

Some of our local wineries:

*Alcantara Vineyard

We are adding to our list of approved locations daily. Please check back or call for details. 


Sightseeing Tour

Relax for 2-2.25 hours in one of our private, new mid-size suv's while we being transported through Sedona's most iconic areas by our incredible guides. This tour operates with small groups of 4 people per vehicle.

Learn about the origins of one of Arizona's most gorgeous landscapes, Sedona Az. Guides will take you to three prominent areas of Sedona while educating you on its history, Native American culture, local galleries & artists, as well as stopping at gorgeous red rock landmarks. Learn about the different red rock mountains, what they are called and how they each got their names.  Experience the vortex energy on our stops and even witness the gorgeous Chapel of the Holy Cross during our journey. We will make short stops at specific photo opportunity landscapes for our travelers.

Each of travelers will receive a 2-2.5 Hour tour with water bottles included and a free gift at the end.

Seasonal rates, discounts, policies, & offers may apply.

This tour can accommodate 4 per vehicle.

Tour Tickets Ages 6+

This tour operates on a by-seat availability only. Tour tickets are priced per seat not by age. 


This tour requires 2 or more people to operate

  Seasonal & Special Prices Vary

*This is considered a group tour not a private tour. For private tours please contact us directly at 1-833-733-8367

This tour will be operated YEAR ROUND, RAIN OR SHINE.



This tour is 2.5-3 hours in length. You will need to check-in at our tour center 15 minutes prior to tour departure time.


*Water bottles provided

*Free Gift for Travelers

*Map of Sedona

*Parking or Admittance Fees


Our all-new Tour Center, Gift Shop, & Cafe is NOW OPEN!

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