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  • If I have a medical ailment can I attend the tours?
    UFO TOUR: Yes, if you are able to sit in a chair or stand you are able to attend the tour. You will not be walking anywhere on this tour. You exit your vehicle in the same place as the viewing location. We operate the tour within 20-30 feet of your vehicle. VORTEX TOUR: This is considered an easy tour, however there is walking. You will need to be able to walk up slight inclines on uneven ground or on downhill on potentially slippery terrain. This tour advises closed toe shoes such as tennis shoes, boots or hiking shoes. Please no sandals or high-heels. MEDITATION TOUR: This is considered an easy tour,however there is some walkiing to the meditation location which could be up slight inclines or down slight downhill. Terrain is uneven. Closed toe shoes is advised. STARGAZING TOUR: This is a tour made for everyone. After you follow your guide to the viewing location you will exit your vehicle. You will not be walking anywhere on this tour, you will remain in one place.
  • What happens to my money if my tour is cancelled for weather issues?
    Weather in Sedona is fleeting meaning that it comes and goes so quickly. For this reason we do not cancel tours until a minimum 45-60 minutes prior to the tour time & sometimes either at check in depending on the current day to properly evaluate the conditions of the roads and the tour sites we will be visiting. Sedona UFO Tours offers a full tour credit certificate for travelers to use for up to 5 years in the future in the event that inclement weather cancels the tour. If a tour is cancelled due to weather these are your options: 1. An exchange of dates to the following day or other day of your choosing 2. Upgrade to a daytime Vortex tour at no additional charge(by availability) 3. 5-Year Tour credit certificate towards a future tour or may be gifted to a friend or family member and may be used for up to 5 years in the future. 3. Tour credit may also be used for a vortex tour or a Sedonascapes sightseeing tour the next day or at Intuitive Wellness Center for services. The tour credit does not apply to products at the Tour center or the wellness center.
  • I see that your tours are offered on TripAdvisor, Viator, and Expedia. Why are the tours higher priced on these sites?"
    We love these third-party booking sites as they provide us amazing travelers to work with. In an effort to offer all travelers the same experience and free gifts, they must charge slightly more to cover their commission that they charge to us when a traveler books with them. We pay our tour guides a premium rate to work with us and to do so we must charge rates that help us to do so. If you happen to see a rate on a third-party site that is less than our website rates, we will honor that rate when you book with us directly by calling 1-833-733-8367
  • Do you pick me up at my hotel or vacation rental to go on the tours?
    We offer each traveler the ability to follow our tour guide in the comfort of their own vehicle. We do not offer rides or shuttle services at this time. Please arrive for the tour in your own vehicle. We cannot accept travelers that get dropped off by LIFT, UBER, TAXI, OR SHUTTLE SERVICE. After you check-in at the location, you will follow your tour guide to the tour sites.
  • Why are children under the age of 11 not permitted to use the goggle by themselves?
    Our equipment is delicate in nature and very expensive to replace should a child drop or mishandle it during the tour. For this reason our policy has been and will remain to be that children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will share the adult's goggles with the child. The adult may hold the goggles while the child is looking through them as to ensure that the equipment is safe at all times.
  • Why are no refunds accepted for private tours, group tours or discounted tours?"
    1. Private Tours reserve an entire time slot or evening for the private group. Because we only have so many goggles available we must close our nightly group tour to accommodate the private reservation. Once private tours are booked all sales are final and no refunds shall be given. 2. Group tours are considered any family or group over 4 adults and reserve many spaces and sometimes an entire time slot or evening. Groups are also sometimes offered group rates that once booked are non refundable due to the discounted rate and holding spaces on our calendar. Group tours will attempt to operate even in the event of unforseen inclement weather issues within reason. If a Group tour is postponed or cancelled due to weather a 5 year tour credit certificate will be offered to each group or an exchange of tours may be offered. 3. Discounted tours are non refundable due to using a special rate coupon code, discount or otherwise. Discount codes are applied to regular price tickets only.
  • If we booked with a third party booking site like Tripadvisor, Viator, Expedia, Kayak etc. do we get a refund if the tour is cancelled?"
    When a traveler books their tour with a third party booking site this traveler must agree to the terms and conditions on that third party's site and thus we are not involved in the booking process or taking your payment. Sedona UFO Tours does not provide refunds to travelers who have made agreements with these third party sites as we are not provided with the total cost of the tour for each traveler. Each traveler must understand that by booking with Viator, Tripadvisor, Expedia, etc this is a NON-REFUNDABLE BOOKING. Also, our tour experience requires 3-5 team members every night which prepare the tour for several hours even before having to make a decision on potential weather issues. We do pay our team members for their time to prepare for your tour. This being said our policy is to provide each group with a 5 year tour credit certificate by email should the tour be cancelled due to weather, acts of God, or unforeseen occurences that are beyond our control. If a traveler wishes they may also exchange their tour for another day time tour or use the credit at Intuitive Wellness Center for services. These alternate options are by availability. Products may not be purchased with the tour credit.
  • What is your current pricing for the UFO & Stargazing Tours?
    Seasonal pricing is available by clicking the BOOK NOW button on the lower left hand side of any page on our website. Pricing is determined by group size and also seasonal availability. Pricing for children and adult tickets may be found on this page. Pricing is per person not by group.
  • What should I wear for the tour?
    We ask that all travelers arrive with closed toe shoes. Travelers will not be allowed to go on tour with flip flops or sandals as we are on uneven ground and we do not want anyone to stub their toes. Please wear appropriate attire for the season. If it is Winter, please dress very warmly as we do get snow in Sedona. Sedona is located at 4500 ft elevation and can get cold in the winter. Jackets, gloves, scarves, pants, thermals, hats, ear muffs, etc are recommended for this night tour. We do provide heaters in winter months and hot chocolate for the comfort of our guests. You may also purchase blankets in our tour shop prior to the tour departure.
  • How many pairs of night vision goggles will I receive?
    We calculate our total number of guests by how many goggles we currently have for use. Each group of 2 ADULTS OVER THE AGE OF 11 WILL RECEIVE (1) ONE PAIR OF MILITARY NIGHT VISION GOGGLES. Night vision goggles are calculated by adults not children. If you have children ages 6-10 they will be sharing with the adults in the group. Example: You have 2 adults and 2 children age 7 and 9 You will receive: 1 pair of night vision goggles as the children are not permitted to use the goggles independently and require the full supervision of the parent. Why we do it this way: For most travelers we know that it is impossible to look straight up for an hour or so and everyone needs to give their neck a rest. This is why we do it this way and people share goggles. It gives you the ability to rest while another in your group looks through them.
  • Can we rent an additional pair of goggles?
    We do not provide extra goggles on tour or the ability to "rent" additional goggles. These are very expensive and we have a certain number of them for the entire tour and our guides. The only way to "add" additional goggles is by purchasing "additional tickets for two people" at a rate of $270 per additional goggle. Example: You have 2 adults on tour and you get (1) pair of goggles with your ticket price. -If you want an addtional 1 goggle you will need to purchase "two additional tickets at $270" to obtain an extra goggle.
  • Where do we meet for the tour?
    Please read your booking confirmation/itinerary for this information. Our tour center is located at 1890 W. State Route 89A, Sedona, Az. 86336 Suite D Please type in the address into your GPS as stated above with NO VARIATIONS. Our tour center is located behind DOMINO'S PIZZA in West Sedona. Our plaza is called PLAZA 777 and is next door to SUGAR LOAF LODGE
  • When do we check in for our tours?
    All travelers must check in 15-30 minutes prior to tour time. UFO Tours: All travelers MUST check-in 15-30 minutes before your tour departure time shown on your ticket. LATE CHECK IN'S are not permitted as our tour center closes promptly 15 minutes prior to departure time. NO REFUNDS OR RESCHEDULES will be offered to travelers who arrive late, during our directions/information time, or after the tour has departed. Ufo tours may leave early if all guests have checked in prior to or at the check-in cut off time. Vortex & Sightseeing Tours: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your tour departure time stated on your ticket. Guests who arrive late will not be allowed on tour and NO REFUNDS OR RESCHEDULE will be offered. Our guides leave propmtly at the tour time and do not wait as we stay on time for all of our travelers.
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