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What happens to my money if my tour is cancelled for weather issues?

Weather in Sedona is fleeting meaning that it comes and goes so quickly. For this reason we do not cancel tours until at minimum 30-45 minutes prior to the tour time to properly evaluate the conditions of the roads and the tour sites we will be visiting. We will call all travelers 30-45 minutes prior to their tour time if the tour is going to be cancelled due to inclement weather. Sedona UFO Tours offers a full credit for travelers to use for up to 3 years in the future in the event that inclement weather cancels the tour. If a tour is cancelled due to weather these are your options: 1. An exchange of dates to the following day or other day of your choosing 2. Gift certificate credit towards a future tour or may be gifted to a friend or family member and may be used for up to 3 years in the future.

If I have a medical ailment can I attend the tours?

UFO TOUR: Yes, if you are able to sit in a chair or stand you are able to attend the tour. You will not be walking anywhere on this tour. You exit your vehicle in the same place as the viewing location. VORTEX TOUR: This is considered an easy tour, however there is walking. You will need to be able to walk up slight inclines on uneven ground or on downhill on potentially slippery terrain. This tour advises closed toe shoes such as tennis shoes, boots or hiking shoes. Please no sandals or high-heels. MEDITATION TOUR: This is considered an easy tour,however there is some walkiing to the meditation location which could be up slight inclines or down slight downhill. Terrain is uneven. Closed toe shoes is advised. STARGAZING TOUR: This is a tour made for everyone. After you follow your guide to the viewing location you will exit your vehicle. You will not be walking anywhere on this tour, you will remain in one place.

I see that your tours are offered on TripAdvisor, Viator, and Expedia. Why are the tours higher priced on these sites?

We love these third-party booking sites as they provide us amazing travelers to work with. In an effort to offer all travelers the same experience and free gifts, we must charge slightly more on third party booking sites to cover our expenses and the commission they charge to us when a traveler books with them. We pay our tour guides a premium rate to work with us and to do so we must charge rates that help us to do so. If you happen to see a rate on a third-party site that is less than our website rates, we will honor that rate when you book with us directly by calling 1-833-733-8367

Do you pick me up at my hotel or vacation rental to go on the tours?

We offer each traveler the ability to follow our tour guide in the comfort of their own vehicle. We do not offer rides or shuttle services at this time. After you check-in at the location, you will follow your tour guide to the tour sites.


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