Monsoon Season: July 15-September 30

Winter Season: December 1-March 30

Monsoon & Winter Season: 

During monsoon season in Arizona we take precautions to ensure that our travelers are safe during tours. For this reason we ask that you read these policies in their entirety BEFORE booking a tour.

Monsoon & Winter Policy:

Travelers are booking at their own risk.

If your tour is cancelled, postponed or otherwise delayed by rain, cloud coverage, lightening, heavy winds, snow, or any other form of inclement weather we offer each traveler or group an opportunity to reschedule for the following day or exchange your night time tour for a day-time Vortex Tour. If a traveler will not be in town for the following day's rescheduled tour, the traveler may use this credit towards goods and/or services at Intuitive Wellness Center or receive a 3-5 year tour credit to use anytime up to 3-5 years into the future for the exact same tour with no price increases. 

If you are concerned about weather, please call for further information and booking cut-off times before booking. For most tours we are able to get you booked within 2 hours of the tour time.

VORTEX/Meditation/Spiritual Empowerment TOURS: These tours are generally operated rain or shine within reason. We take precautions at all times to ensure the safety of our travelers. At the discretion of our tour guides and/or owners may postpone, reschedule, or cancel these tours if inclement weather poses a significant risk to the safety of our travelers.

UFO/Stargazing/Sunset Tours: These tours rely on at least 50% or clearer skies, little to no moisture or wind to operate. For this reason we MAY postpone, reschedule, or cancel a tour during monsoon or winter season that poses a significant safety concern to our travelers. 


Seasonal Rates: 

Rates on all of our tours will vary based on the season. Prime season is March 1-June 30. Monsoon Season is generally from mid July-September, Fall Season is from October 1-November 30, and winter season is from December 1-March 30. 



For the year of 2021, due to the impact of Covid-19,  as a small business will be unable to provide refunds for cancellations or weather beyond our control.  For this reason we have instituted a 3-5 year booking credit, an exchange of tour experience, or a credit towards products or services from Intuitive Wellness Center in Sedona for any traveler experiencing emergencies that may result in them having to cancel or postpone their tour experience. We hope to fully recover from the impact of the pandemic and be able to return to our standard 72 hour cancellation policy in 2022. Thank you for your understanding and helping to support small businesses. 


When a booking is made through a third party booking system such as Tripadvisor, please note that discounts that our company offers does not apply to those bookings. 

Packages that include multiple tours are already discounted and do not qualify to add an additional discount. 

When booking with a discount code, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 



Please read the terms of service provided in a link on the booking page prior to completing any booking. This will provide you with valuable information that you are agreeing to prior to booking. These terms include but are not limited to WEATHER POLICIES, CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICIES, TOUR EQUIPMENT AGREEMENT/ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, CHECK-IN INFORMATION, TOUR INFORMATION, AND MORE. 

Thank you,

Sedona UFO Tours LLC