For 2021 we will not be offering cancellations with refunds for any booking. Please see terms below. 

If your tour is cancelled please see below for how your booking is handled.

Monsoon & Winter Season: 

During monsoon season in Arizona we take precautions to ensure that our travelers are safe during tours. For this reason we ask that you read these policies in their entirety BEFORE booking a tour. Travelers who book online and agree to the cancellation and weather p0licies as well as the terms & conditions are traveling at their own risk and agree that they have understood the detailed weather policies laid out here, on Tripadvisor/Viator, and our booking pages. NO REFUNDS OF ANY KIND ARE OFFERED DURING MONSOON JUNE-OCTOBER or WINTER SEASON NOVEMBER-MARCH but these dates may change at any time given the current weather forecasts.

Monsoon & Winter Policy:

Travelers are booking at their own risk.

If your tour is cancelled, postponed or otherwise delayed by rain, cloud coverage, lightening, heavy winds, snow, or any other form of inclement weather we offer each traveler or group an opportunity for a one-time reschedule or exchange your night time tour for a day-time Vortex Tour or Sedonascapes sightseeing tour. If a traveler will not be in town for the rescheduled tour, the traveler may use this credit towards services at Intuitive Wellness Center or receive a 5-year tour credit to use anytime up to 5 years into the future for the exact same tour with no price increases. Please be aware that reschedules are done by availability and traveler's who have had a cancelled tour are provided first right of refusal if an availability arises the following day after the cancelled tour. If no availability is present for the following day the traveler/group will be placed on our waitlist.

If you are concerned about weather, please call for further information and booking cut-off times before booking. For most tours we are able to get you booked within 2 hours of the tour time.

VORTEX/Spiritual Empowerment/Sedonascapes Sightseeing TOURS: These tours are generally operated rain or shine within reason. We take precautions at all times to ensure the safety of our travelers. At the discretion of our tour guides and/or owners may postpone, reschedule, or cancel these tours if inclement weather poses a significant risk to the safety of our travelers.

UFO/Stargazing/Sunset Tours: These tours rely on at least fairly clear skies, little to no moisture or heavy wind to operate. For this reason we MAY postpone, reschedule, or cancel a tour during that poses a significant safety concern to our travelers. 


Seasonal Rates: 

Rates on all of our tours will vary based on the season. Prime season is March 1-June 30. Monsoon Season is generally from mid June-September/October, Fall Season is typically from October 1-November 30, and winter season can be from December 1-March 30. These dates may change due to seasonal changes in weather and are not guaranteed or predicted.



For the year of 2021, due to the impact of Covid-19,  as a small business will be unable to provide refunds for cancellations or weather beyond our control.  For this reason we have instituted a 5 year booking credit, an exchange of tour experience, or a credit towards services from Intuitive Wellness Center in Sedona for any traveler experiencing emergencies that may result in them having to cancel or postpone their tour experience. These terms & conditions are stated in 2 places on the booking platform BEFORE you finalize your booking. They must be agreed to with a digital signature.  Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.

We hope to fully recover from the impact of the pandemic and be able to return to our standard 72 hour cancellation policy in 2022. Thank you for your understanding and helping to support small businesses.



 If you have booked using a third party  booking system such as Tripadvisor or Viator, please note that they have a 24 hour cancellation policy that we adhere to. Weather cancellations same day do also fall under this cancellation policy and no refund shall be issued by this third party site. You will be provided a one time reschedule of dates OR a 5 year tour credit certificate that can be used towards any of our tours or services at Intuitive Wellness Center.


When a booking is made through a third party booking system such as Tripadvisor, please note that discounts that our company offers does not apply to those bookings. 

Packages that include multiple tours are already discounted and do not qualify to add an additional discount. 

When booking with any of the above, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 


GROUP TOURS: COMPANY SPONSORED, COMPANY TOURS, OR LARGE GROUP TOURS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AT ANY TIME AFTER BOOKING.  Group tours are considered a group of 5 or more people. This applies to groups booked by a travel agent, company representative, group representative or otherwise. Groups that book a group tour regardless of if a single payment is made to Sedona UFO Tours LLC or by each individual attending the tour, a group discounted rate is given and thus all sales are final. In the event of unforseen weather or acts of God, please see our current cancellation/refund policy.



Please read the terms of service provided in a link on the booking page prior to completing any booking. This will provide you with valuable information that you are agreeing to prior to booking. These terms include but are not limited to WEATHER POLICIES, CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICIES, GROUP TOURS, TOUR EQUIPMENT AGREEMENT/ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, CHECK-IN INFORMATION, TOUR INFORMATION, AND MORE. 

Thank you,

Sedona UFO Tours LLC

Thank you for booking with Sedona UFO Tours LLC, Sedona's premier UFO, Vortex, and Sightseeing company!
Did you know that as an already existing client of ours that you are eligible to receive VIP discounts off of other incredible tours and at Intuitive Wellness Center? Contact us for more details and a detailed look at what we do!
If you have booked our daytime Sedona Chakra Vortex Tour or our Sedonascapes Sightseeing Tour please note that these tours operate rain or shine. Our newest Sightseeing tour is for the most part monsoon season proof.

You may be wondering what is monsoon season?

Answer: A monsoon is a seasonal shift in wind direction. It can cause heavy rainfall during the summer and dry spells in the winter.(Definition found on livescience.com)
In the desert when it's hot a monsoon can mean that clouds and/or rainfall may happen in the latter parts of the day. This may affect our nighttime UFO & Stargazing tour during the months of June-September. Monsoon season is unique in Sedona as we are in the desert at approximately 4500 ft. elevation which can affect temperatures, wind patterns, cloud coverage etc. For these reasons tours cannot be cancelled prior to check in as it can change within moments in Sedona. In an effort to not disappoint our travelers nightly we must wait until we deem it the right timing to "call a tour off". This may even happen out at the viewing location because again the weather can change suddenly here. From past experiences during monsoon or winter seasons we had cancelled tours even a hour prior to tour time and an hour later it was perfectly clear. This is why we do things the way we do.
Booking through a third party system: If you have booked through a third party such as Tripadvisor/Viator you would have been able to read our weather policies that are posted on our listing prior to booking your tour and on your ticket once you've booked. Please familiarize yourself with the direct policies of the third party you booked with as it will be necessary if you are traveling during monsoon/winter seasons. This information is also always available on our website www.sedonaufotours.com on our Policies page. We ask you to familiarize yourself with this time of year and policies as it may affect your tour(s).
If a traveler has booked during this time of year we will assume that all policies have been read, are understood, and agreed upon prior to going out on our tours as this is what our online system and/or third party systems will ask you for prior to entering your credit card. We believe in having all information be as transparent to travelers as much as possible so they may make an informed and educated decision for their group.

What happens if a tour is cancelled due to weather, acts of God, unforeseen closures, or traveler safety concerns?

Answer: If a tour is cancelled for any reason whether it is unsafe weather conditions or otherwise we do not allow our travelers to go empty handed. We at Sedona UFO Tours LLC believe in providing all travelers with a minimum of a rescheduled tour (this is based on current availabilities on our calendar), if no there are no availabilities for one of the evenings while a traveler is still in town we will place all travelers on our waitlist for the night's following your original schedule tour, an exchange of tour to another type of tour at no additional cost, services at Intuitive Wellness Center, or our standard 5-year tour credit certificate good towards future tours with us. These tour credits may be used anytime up to 5 years for service items only and may be transferred to a friend or family member. Due to the impact of Covid-19, the recent fires, and monsoon season no refunds are offered at this time for any reason.
How is Sedona UFO Tours LLC keeping people employed after Covid-19: Some people ask us why we have certain policies in place. The answer is simple. After the effects of Covid-19 on so many families across our nation and seeing the impact that had on almost every household & business including ours, we have placed certain policies into effect to help people stay employed even during monsoon or weather seasons. For this reason we know you will understand that as soon as a traveler or group books one of our tours preparation begins to get ready for that tour. Preparation takes team members. Whether it is administrative time or same-day preparation, a lot of effort & time goes into our tours which is why so many travelers have absolutely loved our experience & deem it to be the premier UFO & Stargazing Night Tour. The nighttime UFO & Stargazing tour takes 4-6 team members up to 3 hours daily to prepare everything from your booking, to our tour center, the viewing location, and all equipment and amenities necessary to operate our unique experience. For this reason we do not offer refunds on tours that have been cancelled or postponed due to weather, acts of God, or other unforeseen occurrences that are beyond our control as our team has already been hard at work preparing for it daily. This is why we inform our travelers in so many ways during challenged weather seasons etc. before a traveler books a tour. Please see the FAQ's/Policies page for more details.

We have been so excited to see that our tour has gained such a following and is sold out almost every night! From the entire team at Sedona UFO Tours LLC we want every traveler to know how much we truly value your business and appreciate the fact that you choose us to offer your tour.

-Sedona UFO Tours LLC

Timeline of a cancelled booking:

After check-in if a tour is cancelled you will be contacted with the information you provide to our team which must consist of an email address and phone number. 

1. The following day: If we know your the total duration of your stay we will automatically book whomever we can accommodate on our following day's tour. If there are not enough availabilities for previous travelers you will be placed on our waitlist and be given first right of refusal to any openings. We attempt to reschedule you as many times as necessary to allow you to experience the tour.

2. If  a traveler's itinerary does not permit a reschedule during their stay then we may: 1. Exchange your tour for another tour of equal or greater value that has availability, 2. Offer you services at Intuitive Wellness Center, or 3. Provide you with our standard 5-year tour credit that is transferrable to friends/family as well. This is provided the day following your originally scheduled tour. This tour credit is only good towards services not products.