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Flavor Descriptions:

Acadia: Crafting a blend for this park naturally started with a blueberry base. We chose a green tea to highlight the blueberry flavor in honor of the lush greenery found in Acadia. Ultimately creating a golden cup that imparts a light, delicate infusion with a full blueberry flavor and a subtle citrus finish. Ingredients: Green tea, currants, blueberry flavor, oatstraw and blue cornflower petals.

Glacier: Find wilderness and solitude in this delectable tea blend with the aroma of fruity huckleberries. The brewed cup has a full, slightly tart huckleberry taste with a smooth woodsy finish. Ingredients: Black Teas, Organic Juniper Berries, Birch Bark, Huckleberry Flavor, Uva Ursi Leaf (Bearberry), and White Cornflowers.

Grand Canyon: Prickly pear cacti, which served as the inspiration for this blend, can be seen scattered throughout the canyon and on the rim. This blend has a sweet taste, from the prickly pear flavoring, in addition to an earthy, desert accent from the eleuthero root and pau d'arco. Ingredients: Black teas, prickly pear flavor, eleuthero root, pau d'arco, and red cornflower petals. 

Great Smoky Mountains: Delicious blackberries grow abundantly here and it's almost impossible to leave the Smokies without blackberry flavored goodies. Naturally when designing a blend for this park we started with a prominent blackberry flavor then added a subtle smoky taste which represents the haze that lays across the mountains. Ingredients: Black teas, lapsang souchong tea, blackberries, blackberry leaf, marigold petals and blackberry flavor. 

Joshua Tree: This blend, inspired by the unique Joshua trees, incorporates yucca root and agave on an herbal base. When brewed, the park's famous sunsets are mirrored in the orange cup with streaks of pink. The taste is a delightful combination of sweet agave and tart hibiscus. Ingredients: Organic Green Rooibos, Hibiscus Flowers, Agave Flavoring, & Yucca Root Allergen: Hibiscus may be intercropped with peanuts. Occasionally, fragments of peanut shells may be present.

Rocky Mountains: Our black tea blend literally tastes like you're walking down a trail surrounded by tall pine trees. Warm and comforting, this tea makes you wish you could sit outside and view the snow-capped mountains. The amber colored cup has a light musky raspberry taste that perfectly complements the pine tree aroma of the sage. Ingredients: Black teas, raspberry leaf, raspberry flavor, sage leaf, and raspberry pieces. 

Shenandoah: The lively notes of lemon are accompanied by a hint of ginger and a delicate elderberry finish. A bonus to this blend is the addition of the butterfly pea flowers-get a blue flower in your teaspoon to experience a unique blue/green colored cup. Ingredients: Green tea, lemon peel, ginger pieces, natural lemon flavor, elderberry flavor, and butterfly pea flowers. 

Yellowstone: The multitude of colors of the Grand Prismatic Spring are shown within the blend, along with prickly pear flavoring for the cacti that grow in and around the park. The resulting cup is fruity and flavorful with a sweet, creamy, prickly pear flavor and an underlying bergamot taste. Ingredients: Black teas, prickly pear flavor, safflower, blue cornflower petals, strawberry pieces, oatstraw, and natural bergamot flavor.

Yosemite: Using herbs and flowers similar to those found in the park we came up with a blend of pineapple and spearmint that is a perfect marriage of flavors. When brewed the heavenly mint aroma, with a hint of pineapple, will tantalize your senses. Ingredients: Black teas, pineapple flavor, spearmint, and marigold petals. 

Zion: The base "tea" for this blend was easy as I chose the herb Rooibos (red) to represent the red rock found everywhere in Zion. This simple yet savory blend brews to a deep red colored cup that has a tantalizing aroma and a creamy fruit and floral taste. Ingredients: Rooibos, elderberry flavor, sage, lavender, and horsetail.

National Park Tea by Simpson & Vail

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